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Moncton, NB
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Moncton, NB

The first members to take up residence were in Phase 1, Units 65 to 107 in 1983, Phase 2, Units 09 to 60 in 1984 and Phase 3, Units 114 to 193 in 1985. There are over 330 people living in 109 Town Houses which consists of 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms. There are 3 accessible units within the Co-op. Cornerstone is located on Crestwood Dr (1), Ayre Ave (6) and the rest of the units are located on Preston Crescent. The original name of the street was “Fraser Avenue.” In 1991 Cornerstone petitioned the City of Moncton to have the street renamed in honor of Lorne Preston who was instrumental in the development of Cornerstone. The name change was granted and the “avenue” became known as “Preston Crescent”. Cornerstone is located in Moncton’s North End, just behind the Community College and is an easy 5 to 10-minute walk to most services including schools and shopping plazas and a 5 to 10-minute drive to all other amenities. A Board of Directors who are voted by the Membership meeting at least once a month to handle the Co-op’s business. Cornerstone is a community of mixed-income with the majority of middle income. Over the past 7 years, extensive work has been done on the units such as windows and roofing with a lot of interior work done as well. There is a full-time Maintenance Technician on staff. There are many lawns and trees throughout the co-op property which afford the members areas for relaxation. There are “safe play areas” for children to safely play. Cornerstone has its own Events Hall which was recently renovated. The Events Hall is rented to various groups and individuals and the revenue helps defray the upkeep of the building.

Cornerstone Fenced in Yards
Fenced in Area

There are a “safe play areas” for children to safely play.

Pets Allowed at Cornerstone Housing Moncton, NB
Pets Allowed

No more than two pets per household will be permitted.

Cornerstone Housing Rentals in Moncton, NB
Home Comforts

There are many lawns and trees throughout the co-op property which afford the members areas for relaxation. 


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